To blog or not to blog…

I am no stranger to blogging, having dabbled on LiveJournal eons ago (which lasted all of five minutes before I grew bored of my own adolescent ramblings) and currently being in possession of a Tumblr account (which will never be linked to my true identity). Before becoming a student at SLC, however, I never considered seriously blogging for professional reasons…until now.

The general consensus of the AMC faculty is that a blog is a necessity for an aspiring marketer seeking the attentions of a future employer. (Frank Armstrong seems to know what’s what.) Even if this blog were not an assignment, I think that I would have started it anyway. I am in this program to ultimately get a job in the marketing field and am willing to do what it takes to reach that goal. I feel that I am a fairly strong writer and – assuming I keep up with it – this blog could be the catalyst for the start of my career.

The only issue is that I don’t know how well my writing measures up against other bloggers, given that I have only ever written academically in the past. Am I witty? Funny? At all interesting or clever?? What exactly is a marketing employer looking for in potential employer’s blog? These are the questions that keep me up at night. (Metaphorically speaking, of course. I sleep like the dead, generally.)


Not only do I worry that my writing might not be enough to convince a future employer of my worth, but what if the rest of the internet does not care for me? I take care not to offend anyone on the internet by refraining from making political statements or expressing my opinion too boldly. Even though this blog will be used for professional reasons, it is still public and available for anyone to read. Someone could disagree with me and post negative comments or worse yet, no one at all will see it and my efforts will be for naught.


On a more optimistic note, this blog could be a raging success and garner me more attention and job offers than I know what to do with. Okay, that could be stretching it a bit, but one can have hope. Nevertheless, I am willing to give this venture a go and see where it takes me. Who knows? Maybe a CEO of a major company will see this and want to hire me on the spot. I’m looking at you, Bob Iger.


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